Here’s a concrete example of how we can safely upgrade our most trusted “moderator” users to the “admin” role on a large internet forum, without contending with concurrent writes or incurring substantial I/O all at once: immediately locks the rows being retrieved in the first step (as if they were to be updated), and this prevents them from being modified or deleted by other transactions until the current transaction ends.

I tried to keep this post fairly concise, but for the boldest of explorers, here is an excellent wiki page containing many other Postgres gems that you also may not have known about.

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And they were all putting their feet in exactly the footmarks of the people in front and that means you walk very slowly.As you can see, with so many powerful data manipulation functions at our disposal, the possibilities are truly endless.A common heuristic for indexing database tables is to index the columns you use for sorting, filtering, joining, or grouping. A close family friend in Lyon had a daughter who had emigrated to the US 20 years previously; he knew her well, and had visited her in Seattle several years before. Yes, it was my own hairdresser, who I knew socially as well.

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