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Never before has a web entity appropriated such a distinct (read: ratchet) style and voice. To personalise content, tailor and measure adverts and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.I know at this moment, there are a lot of women that–for me the age difference was an issue and then it wasn’t an issue.I know a lot of women out there who are going through that thing–older women, younger men. If there are any things that looking at our relationship and how we deal with each other can help them with, or make them feel more comfortable in their relationship…My daughters love him. [laughs]Reggie: For me, personally, she’s just a real person.Along with paparazzi photos of the actor, the repeatedly discredited Media Take Out blares in a headline, “Actor/Activist Jesse Williams Is Spotted Out On a DATE… This would be hilarious and very good for my self-esteem, were it not for the fact that they are stalking Jesse and lying about him endlessly. Let Gossip Cop set the record straight on this wholly made-up report. In fact, William’s so-called girlfriend, Krista Vernoff, is a TV writer who works on the show.Media Take Out, which routinely publishes inaccurate stories in the name of online traffic, deserves every inch of criticism it gets for fabricating such ridiculous reports., which launched in 2006, is notoriously known for inciting celebrity drama.

The woman in question, “Grey’s Anatomy” TV writer Krista Vernoff, slammed the outlet on Twitter for its inaccurate tale. If you look at that picture, I am literally holding a pen in my hand. Don’t believe what you read about your favorite stars because it is 98% manufactured bullsh*t!

In each weekly episode, one man must choose between three women who are vying for his attention in a dating show format that Media Take Out founder Fred Mwangaguhunga describes as an African-American version of the 1999 TV series, . There’s controversy, there’s drama involved,” explains Mwangaguhunga, who has partnered with Fisher Klingenstein Films and the show’s executive producer Dan Garcia in the venture. No nudity, no foul language, but we are going to push the edges.” The Web series represents a significant shift in content programming for Media Take Out.

The website—which was founded in 2006 and now averages 300 million page views per month—is based on a simple but effective formula of outrageous headlines, biting humor and often racy photos of Hollywood stars, athletes and musicians.

The site goes on to claim in its accompanying article that Williams, who recently filed for divorce from his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, was caught in a “passionate discussion” with his “date” at Little Doms restaurant in Los Feliz.

Jesse Williams and I were passionately discussing his new storylines on #greysanatomy and the trashy gossip rags have us on a date.” Gossip Cop couldn’t agree more.

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