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Our mission was to do the impossible: to develop a chat solution that could drive 3x more chat conversions.

I will receive them every so often, but I was a member for a while. History is sites that someone has actually visited.

Think about some of the chat lingo that has seeped into many real-world interactions (LOL, or Laugh Out Loud, is a perfect example) and use one or several of these terms/emoticons to show what you mean.

Even better if your texting buddy doesn't know exactly what you're trying to say!

Try a series of messages, with each one focusing on a different sensation, catering each message to an appropriate level of interaction.

For instance, two people who have just started flirting may want to text about smells and food (I love the way your hair smells, or, perhaps we could share a cup of tiramisu tea, later?

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