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She noted in an interview she "had an American boyfriend, went to football games and to my American prom.I was so serious about my American boyfriend, I brought him back to Germany with me to visit my parents.Before Lord Of The rings, not many people knew about Elijah Wood.He first started acting when he was 7 years old and at the age of 15 he played Sandy in the movie Flipper, although he thought the script was bad.The writer-director, Christopher Smith, the man who scripted the romance between Kat Slater and Dr Trueman in East Enders, is a diffident chap, who admits that he was inspired to create Creep after reading a newspaper article about the lost world of tunnels that straggles under the capital.He still seems dazed with pleasure that he managed to attract an actress as employable as Potente to the lead role. "In Hollywood, she's learnt to make careful choices about the men with whom she has lunch.Franka Potente is a married woman since a long time. The couple dated each other for several years before their marriage.

Since her breakthrough film, the slick thriller Run Lola Run, she's made Hollywood blockbusters, art films and American indie movies. You'll know the territory if you've ever seen Death Line, a 1970s classic featuring a cannibal troglodyte. So why has she involved herself with a low-budget British flick for a director whose main experience has been writing scripts for East Enders? "You can have little adventures with different people. You get to see different things with different leaders."Creep is a horror film set on the London Underground.Her mother Hildegard Potente is a medical assistant, and her father Dieter Potente is a teacher. Rumors were that Franka was in a relationship American actor Elijah Wood before dating Derek Richardson.Her great grandfather immigrated to Germany during the 19th century. Next, she appeared as Helga in 8 episodes of series Taboo in 2017. Currently, there are no desperate rumors regarding his personal and professional life.

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