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B) They were designed with robustness and purpose in mind, meaning they are generally manufactured quite well.

And C) they have, depending on whose army we’re talking about here, played a role in saving the free world.

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on either of them online, not even a year.

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The Heuer here has so, so much going for it, and yet these suckers can still be had for almost nothing.

It’s great looking, with a black dial, rotating bezel, and often found with cool mil-markings like “3H”, of a completely modern size (42mm), and it’s a freaking manually wound fly-back chronograph!

Not funny “haha,” but rather funny “hmm, I see." The peaks and valleys in prices of wristwatches sold a generation ago are related to many things – certainly the macro-level economy as a whole, how the brand / watch is perceived today, and how certain aspects play into collecting trends of the day.

In this list, we’ll taken you through ten watches that we think should be selling for more money than they are, and we’ll tell you why. There is a whole sect of collectors out there that go for nothing but true military-issued timepieces. Well, they were A) never issued to civilians, which, in theory, should make them rather rare.

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LADIES VINTAGE HELBROS WATCH 14K CASE Ladies vintage Helbros watch. 100-200, Lot: 32353Items may be picked up in-person on the day of auction at the venue.

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