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In these days of widespread hostility towards smoking, cigarette cards are at least one good thing to have come from tobacco use.Cards were issued in cigarette packets from the 1880s until the outbreak of the Second World War - and parrots certainly were not ignored by the tobacco companies.

His medium was the highly-coloured and risqué cartoon postcard, of the kind that was sold in 20th century British seaside resorts.

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The beaches, the seafront cafes, the piers, the fun of paddling in the waves.things never change.

I have associated them especially with the name of Donald Mc Gill because he is not only the most prolific and by far the best of contemporary post card artists, but also the most representative, the most perfect in the tradition. He is apparently a trade name, for at least one series of post cards is issued simply as ‘The Donald Mc Gill Comics’, but he is also unquestionable a real person with a style of drawing which is recognizable at a glance.

Anyone who examines his post cards in bulk will notice that many of them are not despicable even as drawings, but it would be mere dilettantism to pretend that they have any direct aesthetic value.

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In the Royal Mail selection, one poignant card dated 1914 shows a soldier before he goes into battle.

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