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The counterfeiters also use many legitimate-looking serial numbers but on the wrong style bags or accessories, like -5659 which should only be on a Scribble Tote, -6094 which belongs only on a Signature Demi, -9956 from an all-leather Pelham Bag, and -1417 which should only be on an East-West Leather duffle.

Accessories with style #5077 are fake, that number belongs to an Optic Bee Tote.

It still may be counterfeit, though, so don't use serial numbers as your only test.

Of course there's more to deciding whether or not a Coach bag or other accessory is counterfeit than just the serial number.

You also have to look at the construction details like zipper pulls, hardware, stitching, the design and thickness of the straps, the design and font used on the creed stamp or creed patch inside the bag, and especially whether the style number (the numbers to the right of the dash) on the creed actually belongs to that style bag.(Before 1994, most serial numbers were seven numbers long and didn't give any clue to the style name of the bag.

These are just SOME of the numbers found on counterfeit bags that were made In Korea: 501-02 701-02 101-22 101-147 and anything starting with 101-,102-, 201-, 202-, 301-, etc.

but there are many more number combinations being used. Almost all numbers beginning with H4B- are fake, like these: H4B-0532 H4B-0516 H4B-0678 H4B-0517 except for H4B-8983 which should only be on a Scooter Bag and H4B-9948 on a Bucket Bag. More fake numbers: M4N-4154 012-3445 308-9937 308-9875 - this one is VERY common J4D-4133 is fake unless it's on one of the classic Waverly Totes.

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Thousands of bags later, I have picked up several ways to help determine the authenticity of Coach bags, and I’d like to share a few tips and illustrative photos. There should be more than a barcode and a string of numbers stamped inside.

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