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Older kids and teens want to stay in touch and know what their friends are up to. So how can we give them freedom while keeping them safe from inappropriate content and online predators?

While it’s great when you have a computer issue to solve, it can be a challenge when it comes to the ways they communicate with peers.Which, for all the variations you can conjure, will stamp itself on your unconscious like a tyrannical conductor. But it is, in fact, a daring co-operative adventure where all the family collect clues to try and deduce which castle inhabitant stole the magic ring that protects the kingdom before an evil wizard comes to steal it. But while clearly aimed at younger players, this is a surprisingly fun fantasy foray for young and old alike, thanks to variable difficulty settings and a nice range of achievements.It's co-operative nature avoids squabbles over who won.Another offers coloring pages and games on a shared screen so distant relatives can draw with kids while talking. USTYMEustyme, best for ages 2-8, Free, i Pad Rating: 4 stars (out of 4)Developed by a pair of grandparents who were frustrated with not being able to keep their grandchildren's attention over Skype, this platform lets family members share books and games while being on a real-time video call.Kids see their relative in the video chat box in the upper-left corner, while the screen fills with either a book or a game to explore together.

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After spending time with relatives over the holidays, are your kids now going through "grandma withdrawal"?

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