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Cultural competence begins with the recognition that we are all born, raised and living in social, educational and organisational cultures.These cultures shape our assumptions, beliefs, values and behaviours.There are so many cultural nuances and ethnic differences, so many things about a particular culture that wouldn't be readily apparent to someone who's not from there.Success or failure of projects or enterprises rests on creating solutions that work within that cultural context."(1) Culturally sensitive volunteering requires a willingness to learn as well as to give, but most of all, it requires the humility and ability to self-evaluate.The numerous benefits of cultural diversity stem from the fact that people from different cultures bring different perspectives to the table, introducing new ideas, perspectives and personalities into strategic planning processes and workplace activities in general.A culturally diverse and aware workforce can create a company culture of mutual respect and dignity, garnering a reputation as a fair employer in the job market.To fully leverage the benefits of cultural awareness in the workplace, companies must actively promote diversity awareness among all employees.

Cultural competence is the map to ethical communication.might be found for every body, calling on his wife to agree with him, that with a little contrivance, every body might be lodged, which she hardly knew how to do, from the consciousness of there being but two spare rooms in the house.of his boots, his shaving-glass, and so forth, particularly impressed themselves upon me, as evidences of the same Traddles who used to make models of elephants' dens in writing-paper to put flies in; and to comfort himself under ill usage, with the memorable works of art I have so often mentioned.One way to promote cultural awareness among your employees is to recognize the diversity of your workforce in your human resources policies, specifically policies for holiday celebrations and time off work.Celebrate more than the basic American holidays in your office -- celebrate the Chinese new year, for example, or set up a fun event to celebrate Holi, the Indian festival of colors.

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